Our Family Counseling Services Aims to Address All Emotional Issues That Cause Problems

Welcome to our family counseling centre! We understand that you might have questions about our services in Shreveport, LA, such as family therapy, marriage counselor sessions and anger management therapy. To make you better understand what we offer and how it can benefit your family, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

Q: How long has your business been around?

A: Mary Ann Carson Counseling LPC, LMFT is a reputable business operational since 2015. Our qualified and skilled team has more than 8 years of real-world experience. We follow best practices and offer distinctive counselling solutions!

Q: What is the purpose of a family counselor?

A: A family counselor aims to identify issues within family dynamics and work collaboratively with all members involved to implement practical solutions. This could involve addressing communication problems, emotional difficulties or navigating major life transitions. Overall, the goal is to improve relationships among family members and promote mental health wellness.

Q: How does wedding counseling differ from general counseling?

A: Wedding counselors specifically focus on helping couples strengthen their relationship by addressing issues like trust, communication barriers, conflict resolution strategies and intimacy concerns. While general counseling may encompass various life aspects, including personal growth or career development, marriage counseling prioritizes marital relationships to maintain a healthy union.

Q: When should I consider seeking anger management therapy?

A: Rage management therapy may be helpful if you find yourself experiencing frequent episodes of excessive anger or have difficulty managing your emotions during conflicts with others – whether within family or in public settings. If uncontrolled anger affects your personal or professional life negatively, it’s wise to seek assistance from skilled professionals specialising in this area.

Q: How long does it typically take for families and individuals engaging in family therapy to see progress?

A: The duration varies based on individual circumstances and the specific challenges addressed through therapy sessions. Brief interventions may last only several weeks, while more complex situations could take months or even years for significant improvement.set realistic expectations regarding the timeline based on discussing goals early in the treatment process.

Q: What methods do therapists use during counseling sessions?

A: Many therapeutic techniques are used depending upon the individual’s needs determined during the initial assessment phase. Common approaches include cognitive-behavioural therapy, systemic therapy, psychoanalytic family and narrative approach. It is important to remember that therapy varies depending on the counselor’s style, client preference, and factors specific to any situation.

Q: Is there a typical session length or frequency for wedding counseling sessions?

A: Typically, clients meet with their wedding counselor once per week for roughly 60 minutes. However, session length can vary based on multiple factors such as needs, preferences and goals. Active participation from both parties involved ensures fruitful progress. adjustments regarding appointment regularity could be altered accordingly throughout the treatment process.

Q: How do I determine which counseling service is best suited for my family?

A: During an initial consultation we assess your unique needs and help identify if family counseling, wedding counseling sessions, and rage management would appropriately address concerned challenges. Detailed evaluation inclusive, open discussion between members, the therapist defines solutions adequately tending desired change.

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